RAHC Donor Update | January 2024

By realamericanhardwood
January 29, 2024

With the financial support of hundreds of hardwood companies big and small, the Real American Hardwood Coalition has united an industry and accomplished big things during 2023 in an effort to promote Real American Hardwood products.

Our focus?

  • An engaging social media campaign
  • An award-winning consumer-focused website
  • Comprehensive educational content
  • The first-ever television & streaming ads for our industry

The results?

  • 31.5 million digital impressions
  • 13.6 million impressions on the Magnolia Network
  • 200,000 engagements on social media
  • 6,000% increase in monthly website visitors

What’s next?

  • High-profile collaborations
  • Participation in major design/build events
  • Product placement and sponsorships opportunities
  • Outreach to designers, architects, and builders
  • Product sourcing for consumers

A lot has been accomplished, and even more is on the horizon. To maintain our momentum, and grow, requires an annual budget of at least $2 million. The time is now to invest in the future of our industry and your business. Donate today at https://realamericanhardwoodcoalition10.wildapricot.org/Join-us.