RAHC Donor Update | February 2024

By realamericanhardwood
February 20, 2024

It’s industry trade show time, which means many of you are seeing in-person updates about the Real American Hardwood Coalition. Earlier this month, at the IHLA Convention & Exposition, RAHC released a video showcasing the Coalition’s progress to date, as well as its plans for the future. It will be shown again at the AHMI meeting later this month. If you missed it, click the image below and take a look:

From the start, the goals for RAHC have been ambitious. They have to be if you expect to influence consumer perceptions, but with the financial support of industry stakeholders, we have accomplished just that. Website traffic is up, social media engagement is up, consumer advertising is happening, and resources for architects, builders, and designers are being developed. Your support has made this possible:

  • $1.82 million raised to date
  • $12,000 raised through fundraisers
  • 2023 contributions doubled

Those are impressive numbers, but to maintain our momentum, we need to maintain our fundraising efforts. If you have contributed to RAHC, we thank you. If you have committed to a multi-year donation, we encourage you to make those continuing contributions now. If you have yet to give, we ask that you do so today. Donate at https://realamericanhardwoodcoalition10.wildapricot.org/Join-us.