Why Real Hardwood

Nothing beats
the real thing

The Naturally Authentic® character of Real Hardwood products may be imitated, but never replicated.

Real American Hardwood® is a material that has meaning. That has history. That is unique down to its very cells. It’s beautiful, warm, and one-of-a-kind. It’s the most beautiful building product out there, the one that other imitation products strive to be. It pulls everything together just by being itself. It’s simple in its ingredients and it’s strong and durable at its core. It’s a powerful display of the wonder of nature. Hardwood is pure — grown with purpose and naturally renewing. Hardwood is authentic, without even having to try. It’s just built that way, naturally.

Something is off in every knockoff

What separates hardwood from alternatives is more than just looks.

Real American Hardwood products are an investment with a guaranteed return. Besides the resale value increase in your home, they also increase the quality of your life. The sense of warmth and style simply cannot be imitated by synthetic materials, and with proper care, it will last a lifetime. Why wooden't you choose the real deal?

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The Hardwood Quiz
Which one will last up to 100+ years with proper care & maintenance?
Real Hardwood
That's right, hardwood floors can last up to 100+ years because of their durability.
Laminate floors  only lasts 10-15 years while  hardwood floors can last up to 100+ years because of their durability.
The health benefits of hardwood

Not only does hardwood look good, it’s also good for you. The benefits of living and breathing in a healthy hardwood environment are not discussed widely but you’d be surprised by the impact it can have on your family’s health.



Real hardwood, healthy home

Real wood products improve indoor air quality in another, less tangible, way. Hardwood does not harbor dust, allergens, or other contaminants.



Good for your mind

Call it Feng Shui, Zen, harmonious, or whatever you want, just know that the mental health benefits of living with hardwood are real and go way beyond aesthetics. Research shows that hardwood floors, cabinets, and furniture directly affect your mood, stress levels, and overall mental health.



Real hardwood improves air quality

These days, we want to know what’s in everything we put in and on our bodies. But did you ever stop and think about what you put in and on your home? Sorry to break it to you, but if it ain’t wood, it ain’t good. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) confirms that homes with hardwood floors have better indoor air quality than homes with other types of look-alike flooring. Hardwood is hypoallergenic and easy to clean.

Hardwood is the canvas to your life’s masterpiece

Hardwood Style

Traditional.    Modern.    Rustic.    Luxe.

Traditional.    Modern.    Rustic.    Luxe.

Timeless. Limitless. Classic.

From a starter home to a luxury mansion and everything in between, hardwood can match any design scheme. It’s unique and reflects your evolving style throughout the decades.

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Quality that lasts
a lifetime

Natural. Durable. Versatile.

The hardwood products you invest in today can last for generations. But if you’re ready for a new look, they can be renewed, refreshed, or repurposed. And that’s only possible because it’s a real, natural product.

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The Real Life Expectancy of Floor Materials
Invest for the long haul.

Hardwood products can last for generations. Whether heirloom furniture, decorative moulding, or durable floors, the initial investment in hardwood may be higher, but the long-term value has no comparison. Get real returns with Real American Hardwood products.

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Source: National Association of REALTORS® Research Group, 2022 Remodeling Impact Report
Homeowners recover 147% of the cost of refinishing wood flooring
Homeowners recover  118% of the cost of installing wood flooring when selling their home
Solar powered since the beginning of time.
Hardwood products are grown in a factory — called a forest — using a renewable source of energy — called the sun.

Rest assured, when you purchase Real American Hardwood products, you are using one of Earth’s original and most sustainable materials. Compared to other building products, only wood is truly renewable and biodegradable. And it captures carbon and releases oxygen in the process.

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